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Business 2.0 bites the dust

Posted on | September 5, 2007 | No Comments

Business 2.0, long-rumored to be closing, is, according to the New York Times today. Editor Josh Quittner is understandably bummed. But let’s be honest: Business 2.0 was never a vital read. It had great lists of start-ups, things you should do and not do, what to be scared shitless about, what to admire, but that’s not how we define vital business journalism in Greeley’s Tavern.
Here’s to a good run and the evolution of the business.
My colleague, Loring Wirbel, weighs in by email:

Valleywag postings today suggest that Red Herring and Business 2.0 are both gone for good. Which suggests a stronger lean toward the “no print no more no where” school. I can see your EET point, as IEEE Spectrum is still kinda-sorta healthy by going wide in coverage, but that may represent an aging audience dying off with the last printed pages. My natural inclination is leaning more and more to the “all print is dead except books” school, and of course, only the elite few will remember how to actually read books – or anything else – any more, anyway.

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