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Keenan lands at Edgell

Earlier this week we reported Rob Keenan had left CMP. Today, Business Wire ran the announcement: Edgell Communications in Randoph, N.J.Good luck to Rob in his role.

Miller meets EDAC and survives

Paul Miller stood before a largely hostile audience at an EDAC meeting in the Valley last night. By all accounts he survived the onslaught, striding through the valley of death. Lou Covey has the most comprehensive coverage of the event.Some reports from the event suggested Paul was “silver-tongued” and that he had a difficult time […]

Another editor leaves CMP

The dust seemed to have settled but then again not in the electronics industry. Word comes this week that Rob Keenan, who ran the CMP Electronics Group’s Tech OnLine editorial properties for a time and build out a lot of great vertical communities, has moved on.Rob confirmed he’s moving to a job closer to home […]

Sight’ems, as Herb Caen used to say

Anyone read Chris Zook’s “Unstoppable”…? Would love feedback if you have. John Duncan at the Inksniffer weighs in on it (and I’m playing catchup with his fine blog!). Christian Fahlen, who now leads the race among this blog’s great tipsters, points out an AdAge story (registration required) about the New York Times’ blog/print strategy. And […]

Phil and Friends

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a concert live outside and many more since I saw the Dead at the Greek in the early ’80s. Took the kids to see Phil and Friends Sunday. Damn but what a fine experience. A sea of old bastards like me and a smattering of youth; the […]

The new life, as profiled by Sam Whitmore

Sam Whitmore, of MediaSurvey fame and profit, stopped by our offices Wednesday to chat with one of our research gurus, Jay Andersen, and yours truly. I’ve talked with and been on Sam’s teleconferences before but never met him in the flesh. It was a pleasure. He knows this business inside and out and has a […]

“I saw things getting out of hand; I guess they always will”

I was taken aback by Ed Sperling’s call today and didn’t have a chance to noodle on the impact until tonight and a glass or two of wine. Brian Santo, ex-Electronic News, ex-EE Times, posted to the Sperling item very eloquently.There are two main points I chew on this evening in candlelight: the presumed death […]

BREAKING NEWS: Ed Sperling, Deb Bulkeley out at Electronic News

Just got off the horn with Ed Sperling at Electronic News who just got off the horn with his boss who sent Ed packing. Ed said fellow editor Debra Bulkeley, based in Waltham, Mass., also got the axe. Sigh. Two more excellent electronics industry editors out in the cold.You could see it coming when CMP […]

Hanging with Partha at HP Labs

One of our clients is HP Labs. Fun people to hang with because their work was in EE Times’ wheelhouse, and everyone loves a technology story, whether layman or physicist. Rick Merritt wrote about HP Labs’ Partha Ranganathan after he won a MIT Technology Review honor earlier this year. We thought it would be a […]

What’s the frequency, Dan?

The human Rubik’s Cube, Dan Rather, is at it again. Just when you thought he’d left us alone after soiling himself and sullying CBS, he’s back, suing his former bosses for 70-large. It’s not a pretty sight.The portrait of Mr. Rather that emerges from the 32-page filing bears little resemblance to the hard-charging, seemingly fearless […]

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