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On writing

There is a sad irony in the newspaper business these days, at least at the San Francisco Chronicle. The paper is cutting staff to save money and changing the way it covers its world in ways supposedly catered to a busy, attention-deficit generation. Yet the more they do this (and de-emphasize writing) the worse the […]

Update at the Tribune

Tuesday is V-Day for Tribune Co. shareholders. It’s the day they get to vote on the $8.2 billion buyout, a vote that could end the long, tortuous and torturous wrangling over the company, which tried to sell its pieces, fought over the direction and ownership of the L.A. Times and pretty much embarrassed bigtime publishing.Timing […]

The end is here

You know publishing is in a world of hurt when the Weekly World News is about to fold. (Tip of the hat to media bon vivant Christian Fahlen for the tip). WWN always told me, as a journalist, don’t take yerself too seriously. Maybe a fabulous publication like The Onion edged them toward the grave. […]

The world on crack

One of the great pleasures of living in this era is that technology has brought so much to the fingertips of so many curious folks…. folks just like me. And it’s like being on crack. (I think; I’ve never done crack and don’t have a hankering to either). But high-tech crack comes in the form […]

Am I blue?

Not in the least. But a few people were pissed that with the old black background (which I thought looked cooly austere–the new web black, if you will) they couldn’t read a lot of stuff. So I’ve switched to blue. I will screw around with the fonts though.Fear not.P.S. from the day after: I screwed […]

SEO tips and tricks

Search-engine optimization (SEO) techniques are just now starting to filter down into the mainstream press and mainstread PR agency mindsets. Surprisingly, in a way, the PR industry has been slower to adopt SEO and commonsense press release techniques (adding a links isn’t going to kill you, is it?).Anyhow, Matt Cutts, Google’s Guru on webspam, just […]

A vintage weekend

One of the real pleasures of having kids at a young age (certainly younger than people are doing it today!) is that when you hit your mid-40s, you’re in “early-retirement” mode. By this I don’t mean what most gray beareded execs South of Market or in the Valley mean: not working fulltime. I mean the […]

Promiscuity at the Wall Street Journal

Valleywag reports today about Kara Swisher’s reported claim that the Wall Street Journal needs a little promiscuity. What you’re thinking is not what she was thinking, but it’s an amusing word in the context of Rupert Murdoch’s successful bid for Dow Jones. I thought immediately of two things: first back in my early days as […]

Bonds sets home run record

This has little to do with what I do right now, but I’m sitting here watching the game on Fox High Def and, well, I’m conflicted. Let’s put aside the issues of steroid use (or not). I’m of the mind that the chemical genie is out of the bottle in almost all sports. You can […]

Back in the saddle

After a month’s hiatus, I’m back in the sturdy saddle of employment, working as senior vice president for Blanc and Otus in San Francisco, with a focus on building out the agency’s new media practice. So far (I started just this past week), it’s a great gig working with great people and trying to figure […]

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