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Lou Covey and NewTech Media

Lou Covey runs VitalCom pr down in Redwood City, not far from where the CIA / Howard Hughes spy vessel Glomar Explorer once sat rotting away. Covey has long been one of the few really vocal pr guys in the semiconductor/EDA business who sounded an alarm about the distintegrating media world that affects his and […]

The death of CNN

CNN said today, and its partner Reuters was kind enough to report it, that it’s dumping the Reuters feed. “This is all about us, not Reuters. This is about content ownership,” CNN spokesman Nigel Pritchard said. “To advantage CNN in the content marketplace and manage the continually rising costs associated with acquired assets, we are […]

Geek chic and the evolution of magic

Virginia Postrel in this month’s issue of The Atlantic, writes about an old hobby horse of mine: the marginalizing of the geek. (link plus a little commentary).You could spend months recounting all the examples of how smart people are portrayed as pathetic, amusing, sad, dangerous or mentally deranged. Everything from Ross in “Friends” to, as […]

Newspapers as TV

Mike Cassidy, CEO of Undertone Networks, an online ad network, adds his voice this week to the notion that newspapers’ salvation lies in video. It’s a logical notion, sure. If you’re a hard-core print newsie, the transformation of your gumshoe, hard-nosed reporting into a TV script of a few minutes or longer is easy. Well, […]

This Was the Week that Was about Writing

It’s been in the water this week. I had lunch today with Karen Tillman of Oracle and Wendy Allen, who works with us on Oracle. One of the topics during munchtime was the state of writing. These women are good writers with an appreciation for the craft and a mortification at the state of it […]

On writing becomes "on journalism"

The last two posts about writing have gotten very insightful comments but moved the conversation from writing to journalism. There’s clearly a concern, at least among the over-38 crowd, that this medium we’re playing in here can be a bit of a bother, at least if you’re looking for some good old fashioned B.S. detection […]

On writing-2

So many fabulous responses to the On Writing post Sunday. It’s good to know that in the age of info-glut, people still care–deeply–about writing well. (Or I just know the last few, proud writing geeks).I came across this blog item today while researching good ledes for a curriculum I’m putting together for the youngins at […]

Peggy, Jack, Mike and the education smack-down

I tipped my former colleague, Mike Santarini, at EDN to yesterday’s post on the Peggy Aycinena-Jack Harding smack-down over education in the U.S. Mike knows fresh meat when he smells it and he took the argument and went deep!If we were all in the same physical place we could call an “unconference” and mash-up a […]

Panel dispatches

I’m not going to excerpt today’s Fabless Semiconductor Association panel just yet. That takes a bit of noodling through my notes. But I DO want to share a vignette that occured afterward. It involves Peggy Aycinena of EDA Cafe, who has never shied away from poking her fingers in people’s eyes, and Jack Harding, CEO […]

Panel anyone?

In Godfather 3, Michael Corleone laments (just before having a heart attack), “the more I try to get out (of the crime business), the more they drag me back in!” Even as I move onto the other side of media-relations game, I’ve been asked to host a Fabless Semiconductor Association panel Tuesday in the Valley’s […]

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