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Going without

Posted on | July 6, 2007 | No Comments

Another thing I’m trying to to do while I’m taking July off is to to take a pass, as much as possible, on “connectedness tools,” namely my cell phone and laptop. When I left CMP last week, I turned both of those in. Now, we have a cabin in the mountains where I go regularly to disconnect. There’s no electricity and no cell phone coverage. One awakens to squawking Stellar’s Jays and wild turkeys amblings across the field. Time warps to something different and older. At night, there’s just the glow of kerosene lamps under the stars. It gives me a sense of what life was like not too-too long ago. Sure, that placid picture masks the brutish life humans lived for most of our history. If you asked someone in the 15th century whether they could light their world with the flick of the switch, keep food safe and healthy through refrigeration and communicate with people with the push of a few buttons, they’d get it, eventually. And that’s how we’ve evolved.
But today, there’s too much much, literal noise, figurative noise. The information/communications age forces us to respond at one level or another to stimulus constantly. Some parts of the body and mind enjoy that, but ultimately it’s a problem for a functioning society. Nature around us changes ever so slowly, yet we in it are bombarded with persistent change. And it doesn’t help that we’ve cocooned ourselves in communities, houses, cars, offices and personal electronics that wall off the here and now.
My brother is spending the weekend at a silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock, west of us. No talking; just meditating, learning meditation from teachers, and walking. In fact, as I write this, he’s just walked into the house to tell us about it!
Life from about 150 years ago to the dawn of humankind was about survival and improving the human condition. In developing countries, this problem is now solved. We live comfortable long lives in world where everything is 72 degrees and our most whimsical wants are attainable in an overnight FedEx box. Yay!
But are we living?

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