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Pimping the national pastime

If you’re anywhere near San Franciso these past few days and have a soul you wake up mortified every day at what new marketing horrors Major League Baseball can visit on fans. They called it the DHL Fan Fest but it’s more like the MBL Fan F#$%. Line up for 45 minutes drop $50 and […]

Going without, sorta

I wasn’t completely honest in the last post about going without “connectedness” devices. I rummaged around the garage and found an old Dell Inspiron laptop and fired that up. Why? So I could stop pestering my wife about using her laptop to check email and post to the Ghost. (If you’re a football fan, you’ll […]

Going without

Another thing I’m trying to to do while I’m taking July off is to to take a pass, as much as possible, on “connectedness tools,” namely my cell phone and laptop. When I left CMP last week, I turned both of those in. Now, we have a cabin in the mountains where I go regularly […]

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