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One of the weird things about turning down a new job and getting laid off is that one becomes dead man walking almost immediately, even the guy who’s run the show for the past six years at EE Times. No one seeks advice or wants to know what outstanding projects need to be attended to […]

Saying good-bye at EE Times

What follows is the last column I wrote this week for EE Times, after spending 15 great years there. (I posted a little about last week and expect more in the days and weeks to come). Fifteen years ago, I joined EE Times, taking a job as business editor. I knew it was a great […]

State of the industry

A few weeks back I was in San Diego for the 44th Design Automation Conference, a gathering of of those in the technical-software space serving chip and board designers. (We did a number of video interviews you can check out on our YouTube page). There have been a lot of questions about the health of […]

Cuts, cuts more cuts

The San Jose Mercury-News is slashing staff again. That comes on the heels of the San Francisco Chronicle announcing it would cut staff. And then my own employer, CMP Media LLC, cut staff 20 percent last week, including little ole me. My situation is a bit different from that of my colleagues. I was offered […]

The cancerous effect of USA Today

We get to “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of USA Today in September. But we really should be critiquing its cancerous effect on the daily newspaper business in that quarter-century. Al Neuharth got a few softball tosses in an AdAge interview and, as usual, he said some very interesting things. But I really peg the demise […]

Hacks and flacks-what we need

I attend a conference and exhibit every year for technical software called the Design Automation Conference. The past several years there’s a panel called “Hacks and Flacks” in which, well, hacks and flacks gather in a room to talk about how better to communicate and use media. I was invited to participate in this year’s […]

Advice and counsel for the L.A. Times

John Duncan runs a fantastic site, The Inksniffer, about our favorite topic, the media. I came across him because he posted to last night’s quickie on the L.A. Times. Today, he has a modest proposal for Times Publisher David Hiller. Check it out.

A smaller L.A. Times

It’s bye-bye day at the Los Angeles Times today for nearly 60 reporters, part of the seemingly never-ending belt tightening afflicting daily nupes. Kevin Roderick at LAObserved is on top of it. Also too he posts a memo on strategic thinking inside Spring Street.A great quote from the memo, written by Times Publisher David Hiller. […]

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