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Circulation declines and possible silver lining

Posted on | May 1, 2007 | No Comments

It’s too soon to tell whether big-city daily readers are shifting over to their brands’ online sites. But that was one take-away in this week’s circulation announcement. The print numbers overall are down again with the notable exception of two long-time circ warriors the New York Post and the Daily News. But folks are starting to call for “total circulation” numbers now that it appears, at least in a few markets, that the shift online is quickening. An analysis piece from Editor&Publisher reads in part:

While the overall print numbers don’t look so hot, there’s another story that gets buried every time print circulation figures are released. When a newspaper’s Web site is taken into account, it gains a healthy number of readers.

They better start nailing such broader metrics quickly before the advertiser exodus is complete from mainstream publications. Once marketers catch whiff of a bad smell, they move quickly.
So, that said, I’m out of here for two weeks. I’m taking what my company refers to as a sabbatical. It’s actually a two-week vacation. (Kind of denigrates the term sabbatical). I’m heading to the hills to a place where the last time we had electricity was 1964. There’s no wireless of any kind. So while I love the computer, I’m putting it down for a while. My industry colleague Tom Mahon calls this a digital sabbath.


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