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Google and the news

It’s a love-hate relationship that news organizations have with Google, but it may be moving toward the hate side of the spectrum. News organizations at first didn’t know what was going on when Google began aggregating their content. Then they went into denial, and then, once they realized it might help traffic, they fell into […]

Black Friday at the S.F. Chronicle

No surprise, really, but Hearst is squeezing more blood from the Chronicle turnip. The daily announced today it’ll cut a quarter of its editorial staff (100) by July.In some ways, it’s amazing they still had 400 reporters and editors.

Changing faces at Time

Every time I come across a copy of Time or Newsweek it’s like seeing an old relative you haven’t seen for a while and are surprised is still kicking. Why they’re both around (and U.S. News and World Report) when the Economist has been conquering North America is beyond me. Time and Newsweek long ago […]

Google day

I spent much of Thursday this week in the warm embrace of Google-ians (Google-ites?) down at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Some folks from the San Francico and San Mateo offices of CMP ventured there to listen to their media-partnering pitch and what the company’s up to. A lot of what we heard is off […]

A Darwinian view of journalism: Bill Keller and adaptability

Something New York Times Editor in Chief Bill Keller said at Stanford last night struck a chord. “We just need to be adaptable, and we’ve clearly done that throughout history.” Keller spoke on a panel, covered by the Stanford Daily (from which my grandfather was suspended nearly 100 years ago for writing an editorial about […]

Media convergence

Stumbled onto Steve Boriss’ fine media blog, The Future of News. In a posting last week, he quoted Bill Gates’ contention (not new) that all forms of media converge online. The implication for newsrooms (print and TV) is that they have to get on the stick about reporting stories in proper multimeida fashion. The problem […]

The media beat goes on

Good to see one can fall off the grid for two weeks and nothing really changes back in the media factory. More firings in radio-land for off-color remarks. Katie Couric, still under fire for lousy ratings at CBS, says it’s not doom and gloom. Meanwhile CBS has revamped its internet video strategy (which was “come […]

Circulation declines and possible silver lining

It’s too soon to tell whether big-city daily readers are shifting over to their brands’ online sites. But that was one take-away in this week’s circulation announcement. The print numbers overall are down again with the notable exception of two long-time circ warriors the New York Post and the Daily News. But folks are starting […]

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