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That sinking feeling

Posted on | April 26, 2007 | No Comments

You know things are bad when the industry starts to leak circulation figures ahead of the official ABC announcement next Monday. Editor & Publisher’s Jennifer Saba sources tell here that overall daily circulation for the six months ending in March will dip 2.5%, while Sunday will drop around 3.0%. What’s interesting if you look at her report is that the big circulation drops are in relatively tech-savvy areas, either on the coasts or Texas. A number of papers increased circ, albeit by single-digit numbers. These are in Middle America, where, one could argue, new-media users are trailing-edge adopters. Today she highlights the Bend (Ore.) Bulletin, which is showing its third year of circulation increases. Daily and Sunday both up around 5 percent, year over year. It helps that Bend is a boom town in Southern Oregon, picking up a lot of disillusioned Californians, but I’m sure the folks at the Bulletin aren’t complaining.

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