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Google’s Eric Schmidt yaks at Web2.0 Expo

Posted on | April 17, 2007 | No Comments

Eric Schmidt Google CEO tipped a new web-based feature, Google Docs and Presentations coming in the next couple of months in an interview with Federated Media Mogul John Battelle (who is not universally loved).

Battelle: Is it a competitor to Microsoft Office?
Schmidt: We don’t see it as a competitor to Microsoft. It’s casual, it’s sharing.

Battelle: C’mon.

Schmidt: I’m sure Microsoft will have a response. But for people using products on the web, presentation and access, they’re going to use sthis or something like this.

Battelle: What about the DoubleClick deal?

Schmidt: There are four major thrusts around Google. We’re building the world’s most interesting supercomputers. Another has to do with end-user solutions. A third has to do with advertising and a fourth is how Google is run. In the third category, we want to offer a full-scale set of advertising solutions. What the advertising customer would like is a single way to see ads and have the computer do the allocating.There hasn’t been a lot of technology applied to advertising.

Battelle: You got Performics, a company that optimizes SEO. What’s your plan, spinout?
Schmidt: Haven’t decided.

: Google Pack. There’s an app that deletes DoubleClick cookies. Is that going to end? (laughter)
Schmidt: We think it’s a pretty good application. We’ll figure it out.

Battelle: My company has a partnerhsip with Google and with DoubleClick. when this deal was announced Friday night, I started to worry. I was worrying you had too much info about my business. I’ve heard this from newspaper publisher. People are scared about how much you could know.
Schmidt: You’re not forced to use DoubleClick. If you becames unhappy, you have other choices. It makes no sense for us to get you to that point. these are issues we’re going to work out. We have to work out the issues of making you comfortable. You can keep particular target information from double click separate from Google ad system. there are opt-in or opt out analysize. If we lose advertiser or end-user support the company would be kaput.

Battelle: Microsoft started stirring the pot whispering antitrust. Do you have a response?
Schmidt: Yes, they’re wrong. Advertising is almost a trillion dollar business. People have a lot of choices.

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