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Imus fallout continued-why the outrage now?

Posted on | April 11, 2007 | No Comments

I’d like to think John Leo was channeling part of yesterday’s post, but he said it a lot better (and has been following double standards a lot longer). He writes in today’s Wall Street Journal about shock jock Don Imus’ enablers. Here’s an excerpt (full version available to subscribers).

The celebs like to talk about the high-minded Imus, who brings a sophisticated knowledge of public affairs to early morning radio. They wish to separate themselves from the low-minded Imus, the one who delivers racist wisecracks and featured “The First Lady is a Tramp,” a song about Hillary Clinton, complete with references to her urinary habits and menstrual cycles.

Leo didn’t go far enough, however. While his celebrity and politico guests have gone into witness-protection in the past few days, advertisers are pulling out and saying some mind-numbingly hypocritical things. Here’s a sample from Cindi Bigelow, co-president of Bigelow Teas:

“We are deeply saddened by Imus’ remarks.”

Uh, which remarks, Cindi? “Nappy-headed hos?” Or any number of the thousands of other racist and insensitive remarks he’s made over the years?
Why this? Why now? You loved his audience numbers last week. But apparently that’s changed.

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