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Don Imus and the devolution of media

Posted on | April 10, 2007 | No Comments

Back in the saddle after one of our busier weeks of the year, covering and participating in Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley. Highlights included cool tear-downs of big cars, Al Gore keynoting and the third annual EE Times ACE Awards, where I get to hand out awards to cool people like Lee Felsenstein (right).

Web 2.0 Expo comes up next week, so expect a few dispatches from that gathering of greatness (or gall). But for now, we’re all taken up with the blather over Don Imus’ outrageous comments about a women’s basketball team. Wow. Let’s all get a life, please. Important things are happening in the world, really, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to mainstream media. It’s all about the celebrity-b.s. story of the day. Think about it: we as a culture made Don Imus. We made Howard Stern (not the buy who bedded Anna Nicole). We’ve enriched them by listening to them. We know they’re borderline subhuman jerks who pander to the worst instincts in us. We know they say awful, childish, puerile things all day long and make millions doing it. And now we get upset? Vote with your Nielsen feet, folks.
What else… Norman Pearlstein is sniping at Arthur Sulzberger Jr.
Spencer Crichtley takes the future of news out for a spin.
Tim O’Reilly is hot to trot for a blogger’s code of conduct and, of course, bloggers are outraged.
Another week, another outrage. So when in doubt, head to the hills, find a field and get down with nature (left).

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