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That sinking feeling

You know things are bad when the industry starts to leak circulation figures ahead of the official ABC announcement next Monday. Editor & Publisher’s Jennifer Saba sources tell here that overall daily circulation for the six months ending in March will dip 2.5%, while Sunday will drop around 3.0%. What’s interesting if you look at […]

Good journalism=bad p.r.

NBC President Steve Capus, in an interview with longtime foreign and national correspondent Oprah Winfrey, said good journalism is sometimes bad pr. He was referring to NBC’s airing of the video and rantings of Virginia Tech assassin Cho Seung-Hui.I think good journalism is always bad pr….for someone. Good journalism exposes things that people don’t want […]

The fight for the New York Times and Halberstam’s death

The New York Times’ annual meeting is this week and there’s a move afoot to do away with the two-tier stock structure they have that gives the Sulzberger family 70 percent control of the board. Donald Graham of the Washington Post Co. writes about the danger of getting rid of that structure in today’s Wall […]

The horse has left the barn

There was almost as much analysis of the reaction and coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings as there was coverage of the horror show itself. Didn’t hear a lot of it at the Web 2.0 Expo this week, but I didn’t hit every panel session either. Did see a guy ( maybe) wandering around the […]

VaTech: the Internet Gen’s 9-11

The I-Gen’s Osama bin Laden is a menacing-looking nut job named Cho Seung-Hui who gunned down 32 people at Virginia Tech Monday. He’s left a twisted video and manifesto that people will pour over for clues to deranged minds for at least a few days before the next thing comes along. Most of us see […]

Google’s Eric Schmidt yaks at Web2.0 Expo

Eric Schmidt Google CEO tipped a new web-based feature, Google Docs and Presentations coming in the next couple of months in an interview with Federated Media Mogul John Battelle (who is not universally loved). Battelle: Is it a competitor to Microsoft Office?Schmidt: We don’t see it as a competitor to Microsoft. It’s casual, it’s sharing. […]

Day 3, Web 2.0

Day three of Web 2.0 Expo and no sign yet of Web 3.0.I hit part of Sunday morning, an interesting discussion on running a business just with a browser. Indeed there are a bunch of sessions here dedicated to that type of enablement. Depending on whom you talk to, that’s the definition of Web 2.0. […]

Pulitzer Prizes announced

Sigh.I was shut out again.

The death of software

It’s been predicted, written about and I’ve even blogged about the coming of the free office, or its predecessor, the tyranny of structure. But it’s here today, according Ismael Ghalimi.Ghalimi was one of the Sunday morning speakers who kicked off the Web 2.0 Expo in San Franciso. He’s a businessman and big proponent of running […]

Google, DoubleClick and the sound of rolling thunder

Surely these things are inevitable, but nevertheless they take your breath away. Google scoops up Doubleclick for a cool $3 billion. (What would that translate to in Second Life Lindens??That’s a really powerful combination of Google’s existing search-based ad business and Doubleclick’s own robust web display-ad business. Private-equity outfits Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity […]

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