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Newspapers will never get IT right

A old colleague of mine (well, not old as he’s my age, so he’s a spring chicken), David Strom, has a posting on his blog today from David Hakala: “Newspapers will never get IT right.” He’s channeling some of my many anxieties and I tip my hat to him for saying it clearly and bluntly. […]

Another Trib publisher quits

A second publisher at a major Tribune Co. property resigned suddenly, after six months on the job. Rondra Matthews, publisher of the Baltimore Sun, wants to spend more time with her 77-year-old mother, something that those of us who’ve had to balance work and elder care appreciate. She will be replaced by Timothy Ryan, a […]

Santa Barbara News-Distress

The Santa Barbara News-Press has gotten a lot of press in the past year because of its oddball publisher, Wendy McCaw, who seems to run the paper as her little fiefdom. The latest dispatch comes today as the National Labor Relations Board will go after her publication for unfairly firing eight reporters. It’s all about […]

Small is big

The S.F. Comical this morning profiles on p. 1 a local muckracker about 3 hours north of the city, Tim Crews. The owner, publisher, editor and reporter of the Sacramento Valley Mirror busts chops, rakes muck and, in his own words, be a shit distruber. He does what newspapers are supposed to do, report the […]

Jeffrey Johnson update

Jeffrey Johnson, former L.A. Times publisher who took a bullet in the head for refusing to make more editorial cuts, has landed a day job.

All our favorite whipping boys in one place

Back on a Friday from a couple of days of R&R in Arizona. Wish it could have been more “r”… I ended up getting a head cold (first in more than a year), probably because flying home from China, spending 24 hours home and then going to the hot ‘Zona isn’t the brightest thing to […]

Oh Danny Boy

Dan Rather, one of journalism’s more bizarre figures over the years, throws down with his assertion that journalism has “lost its guts.” Frankly, no argument there. Since most daily newspapers and TV stations are owned by huge corporations beholden to huge advertisers and Wall Street, the pressure is there to just get along.Rather had guts […]

Not dead yet, part 13

Back from 10 days in China (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing) for the day job. Fasckinatin’ as they say in the comics. Return home, sleep at home for a night then head to Arizona for business. Wake up Monday morning to find an article buried in USA Today that makes a key point: someone’s going to […]

Downsizing in Colorado

My colleague, Loring Wirbel, passes along another downsizing dispatch from his local paper and a commentary along with it. I’m travelling in China this week and on and off the blogosphere back home.

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