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Red Herring MIA? And PR "surprises"

Posted on | March 29, 2007 | No Comments

Red Herring, which has a solid event but has struggled for sometime in print (since the Bubble Popped), may be missing in action, according to Valleywag today.
Lots of blogging this week on the Wired cover story about transparency from Fred Vogelstein. Is this ever a case of the story not being the story?? The story is spot on in spotting something people in the media and marketing need to pay close attention to, but the story went sideways into a now-infamous Microsoft memo that leaked out about Vogelstein. Everyone and his mother has blogged about it, obscuring the original story. Vogelsong himself makes too much of it in his blog, as he acknowledges it comes as no surprise. Hell, briefing books on reporters have been written since Elward L. Bernays invented pr about 80 years ago. Wired EIC Chris Anderson writes about it too, but does a better job of balancing the need to flog his great cover and the memo itself. I’m introducing him next week at a Valley event and will get the skinny from him.

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  1. mclarke15
    April 10th, 2007 @ 5:27 am

    If you want a real treat, ask folks at KVO or another agency to slip you the profile the have of you. I accidentally saw mine when I joined KVO in ’95… riveting stuff. I vowed then that whenever I wrote “editor profiles” to help prep a client, I’d only include professional counsel…

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