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Posted on | March 27, 2007 | No Comments

User-generated content is starting to get some traction, at least on the publicity front. This week I came across AssignmentZero, a collaboration between Wired and It bills itself as a pro-am journalism site. Right now it appears skewed toward covering open source-type stories, which is the right place to be in many instances.
Another interesting offering is Associated Content, which is a slick you-write ’em, we-post ’em site as well. I like these places and the energy behind them, but I have to wonder whether they’re really trying to control the uncontrollable at this point. Any one of their contributors can be a reporter simply by participating in the web at large through their own blog or community site or wiki. The web itself is “Associated Content” in a sense. But that’s a thought that needs fleshing out. Certainly if such sites develop a following and there’s a dough-ray-me play for writers, photographers and videographers, then it’s a different ball game.

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