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Another LAT special section fiasco

Posted on | March 22, 2007 | No Comments

Boy the plane’s going down in flames and fist-fights are breaking out in the cockpit. Remember a few years back when the Times first big scandal erupted around an exclusive sponsorship of its Sunday magazine? Well this week there’s was another brouhaha… (timed, coincidentally, with a trip I took to LALA Land to enjoy the traffic on the 405).
A special edition of the the paper’s Current opinion section was set to be published and was guest edited by Hollywood producer Brian Grazer (scary and pictured, left). Ok. Stop right there. Stop the friggin’ guest editing. He’s a producer for god’s sake. He’s not an editor. They’ve done this at the New Yorker and elsewhere. Jesus what’s next? This week’s guest editor Fifi the Rhesus Monkey? Stop it!
Well, the Times’ new publisher, David D. Hiller, killed the special because of an apparent conflict of interest.
Nice job. Then Andres Martinez, the editorial page editor, fell on his sword. Nice job again. If your squeeze (pr woman Kelly Mullens) is repping Grazer, you’ve got an ethics issue. Not a huge one. But one nonetheless.
At a time when newspapers are under fire economically and ethically, Hiller did the right thing. Martinez did too.
Anyhow, Mediabistro’s FishbowlLA dishes the background.

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