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"Panic had set in"

Dean Baquet, fired former editor of the Los Angeles Times, surfaced this week in New York. Quoted in Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY (there was plenty of other coverage too): “There was a lack of rational thought about the future. Panic had set in. It’s impossible to lead an organization when that happens.” It’s disturbing, but not new, […]

Red Herring MIA? And PR "surprises"

Red Herring, which has a solid event but has struggled for sometime in print (since the Bubble Popped), may be missing in action, according to Valleywag today.Lots of blogging this week on the Wired cover story about transparency from Fred Vogelstein. Is this ever a case of the story not being the story?? The story […]

More on people’s media

Mediabistro freelancer Greg Lindsay has a good interview today with Rafat Ali, who founded, a site worth keeping an eye on. I’ve subscribed to its feed for a while now.On another front, NewAssignment, which we posted on yesterday, is hooking up with Huffington on the campaign coverage.

People’s Media

User-generated content is starting to get some traction, at least on the publicity front. This week I came across AssignmentZero, a collaboration between Wired and It bills itself as a pro-am journalism site. Right now it appears skewed toward covering open source-type stories, which is the right place to be in many instances.Another interesting […]

Troubled in mind

They’re going down like trees in a hurricane.One of the most legendary of all publishing titles, Life, is dead. You’re probably saying “I thought it was dead!” Well, yeah: effectively it’s been dead since the 1960s, when television took center stage in American life. But Time Inc. kept it on life support for a long-long […]

wiki world

I’m all hot to trot now researching wikis. (New media is never having to say you’re sorry about acting like you have ADD).Today comes news of a Wikipedia competitor that aims to offer a little more adult supervision in posting, editing and amending content.

InfoWorld discusses print closure

InfoWorld Editor in Chief Steve Fox, who’s been around this publishing business as long as I have, waxes eloquently on shutting his venerable print publication. “The ad-driven economic model that supported print magazines for years…is unraveling,” he writes. “Given the alternative, advertisers want more immediate gratification and measurable results than print can afford them.” Read […]

InfoWorld to fold print edition

Hugely respected InfoWorld will fold its print edition, according to MediaSurvey‘s Sam Whitmore.He writes in his newsletter: “Such news is not a big surprise,” said David Rowe, a VP and media director at Doremus & Co. in San Francisco. “I’ve been predicting this with some of our clients.” This news may come as a shock […]

Takes two to tango

Kudos today to David Lazarus, columnist in the S.F. Chronicle’s business section. He wrote a recent column in which he wrote about the importance of old-media content. Then he took a bunch of crap from the blogosphere on it. (He published some of those comments today). The bloggers, at least the ones who got their […]

Another LAT special section fiasco

Boy the plane’s going down in flames and fist-fights are breaking out in the cockpit. Remember a few years back when the Times first big scandal erupted around an exclusive sponsorship of its Sunday magazine? Well this week there’s was another brouhaha… (timed, coincidentally, with a trip I took to LALA Land to enjoy the […]

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