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First step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem…

and apparently that’s not the case at the Tribune Co. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Tribune execs are “leaning away” from looking for bids for the company.

News by you, film at 11

Ok, we’re a little slow. It’s Sunday and we’ve actually been on the clock today hosting the annual EE Times cocktail party at ISSCC in San Francisco (hard at work, right, not in pink) and doing a handful of video interviews (more on that later…live links and special t-shirt and coffee mug offers!).Woke up a […]


It would be great if someone could make it… all… just… go… away… Can it really be that Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband was banging Anna Nicole Smith? That we’re spinning editorial cycles on the word vagina?At least we can rely on CNN and the AP for stories about good parental modeling.And, Sweet Jesus, when did […]

Nice Pipes

Lotso buzz this week about Yahoo Pipes, which is probably far more robust than people give it credit for. Indeed Tim O’Reilly says he’s been waiting for it for 10 years. It’s a feed aggregator, simply put, that allows you to graphically set your search parameters. It’s complicated as hell but enabling at the same […]

Uncle Walt goes sideways

Walter Cronkite is fretting about the death of democracy thanks to media consolidation at a Columbia University speech where they didn’t hand out brown paper bags for hyperventilators. Walt must not be spending too much time online these days. And he forgets that he was in the vanguard of the first wave of information homogenization […]

Tough week for The Times

First New York Times scion Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said he really didn’t care whether the Times’ print edition goes bye-bye in five years, now his top lieutenant, President, Janet Robinson, got smacked around during a meeting with hostile Boston Globe staffers.

A-OK in Oklahoma

Funny how papers on the coasts seem to struggle with new media… well let’s say struggle more because we’re all struggling with it.Many papers in the Midwest and Southwest seem to be able to manuever a bit better into New MediaLand, doing hyper-local journalism, connecting much better with their audiences. In L.A., the Times is […]

Someone talk me down please

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. says the New York Times may not be put out in print form in five years and he really doesn’t care. While I don’t think that’s in the cards any time soon, I give him props for having the stones to speak plainly about the mainstream media’s predicament. Now if only some […]

A damn shame, that’s what it is

Yeah, you betcha… that’s what Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch said today at a conference. Kids aren’t reading the paper over Cheerios. The world’s going to hell in a handbasket.On the other side of the divide, digital media content has its issues too.

Fog City follies

I jump back in at a fortuitous time: This Gavin Newsom affair and booze issues have me fired up. Not only is it a wonderfully salacious story, but it shines a light on the glories of new media. San Francisco is the crucible of Internet 1.0 and Web 2.0 and whatever follows pretty much, so […]

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