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The buzz about Buzzlogic

Posted on | February 16, 2007 | No Comments

So my new favorite phrase is mind-bending. I’ll use it in a cheap and tawdry way here. I was invited by my pal Anna Leonard at Blanc and Otus to come across the street and yak it up with two gentlemen from Buzzlogic. Roughly speaking, they do web analytics. Professionally, it has relevance a bit down the road for us. Personally, I’m all over it.
Todd Parsons, EVP products and Biz Dev., and Robert Schettino, CMO, munched along and demo’d the product.
This company’s offering is mind-bending. It’s not mind-bending in that its revolutionary. It’s a simple concept. Someone called it Technorati with a good algorithm on top of it. Yeah, but. Yeah, but.
The mind-bending part comes in when you think about the implications.
Buzzlogic gives you (anyone really) the opportunity to track who influences things on line. The focus now is on blogs, but it scales easily. So you’re San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and you want to figure out who’s influencing the discussion of you and your recent escapades. You plug in the proper keywords and bingo. The engine delivers results in a very nice graphically pleasing way. It’s not just a search function that tracks hits. It tracks links to links to links and figures out relevance to the search words, occurrency, popularity of the sites linked to, and other metrics. So if you’re Newsom and you want to throw a bone to a friendly blogger, you can find that blogger and act accordingly. If you want to deal with a pesky blogger, you can do that as well.
Right now, the company has an enterprise beta product in the hands of 140 companies, apparently with another 160 or so waiting in the wings. So if you’re a savvy company, you can track all apects of your brand and how the message is getting out (or not). If you’re a p.r. company, you can track coverage on your clients in a way that simple search really doesn’t reflect properly. And if you’re a blogger or a publisher, well, you can use it to figure out how influential you are, what topics to focus on (or not), etc. And it’s not static (because the context of the “discussion” out in the real world is dynamic, right?)
Pricing for the enterprise tool is being pondered at the moment but Schettino said it would be disruptive to the likes of Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics, which has a consultancy component to it. The tool will be launched outside the beta group in April, Parsons said. A tool for bloggers and publishers, scaled down in some unspecified way, will be available later this year.
That too promises to be disruptive. Schettino used the example of blogking and former Industry Standard editor John Battelle, who has taken “an analog model and tried to make it work in the digital world” in his Federated Media ad business. Imagine a time, and it won’t be too far in the future, when advertisers can use a tool like Buzzlogic to find out more about the audience they want to reach and then the reach out directly to those blogs and media outlets with their advertisements, doing an end-run around FM and the like.
So, if you’re in marketing or pr, pay attention. If you’re in media, pay even more attention.

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