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News by you, film at 11

Posted on | February 11, 2007 | No Comments

Ok, we’re a little slow. It’s Sunday and we’ve actually been on the clock today hosting the annual EE Times cocktail party at ISSCC in San Francisco (hard at work, right, not in pink) and doing a handful of video interviews (more on that later…live links and special t-shirt and coffee mug offers!).
Woke up a little groggy today to the front page of the S.F. Chronicle. Citizen journalism makes its way to Sonoma County, where the good folks at KFTY television haven’t figured out a way to make compelling TV news so they’re going to leave it up to the people of Sonoma County to do their work for them. It’s amazing that this has transpired in a city in which the New York Times saw fit to buy the local paper. There must be an upside there somewhere!
This really is just madness. Read the story. There’s really not much strategy behind the “strategy.”
And about citizen journalism? While there are a lot of solid sites out there (we’ve written about them before), most “citizens” have day jobs.
‘Nuff said.

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