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Time to ping Ning

It’s apparently never too late to start a social-networking site. At least that’s Marc Andreessen’s thinking. The Netscape founder has launched Ning, a free (at the start) social networking service that could have a little zing to it. It’s in beta so maybe that’s why it wasn’t working this morning. But Andreessen sees the site […]

Times pushes into U-gen content

The New York Times this week, with my staying a block or two away from its headquarters in Times Square, launched a couple of user-generated content initiatives. (Coincidence? I think not). Cyberjournalist offers a quickie overview. At the Times site you can post collectible car photos and videos of How We Met. Given the current […]

Just in: new RSS stats

TechCrunch reports on new reader-engagement numbers in the RSS world. Google surprises everybody. (I found the story using my NewsGator aggregator, which doesn’t rank very high, sigh).

Our meltdown culture

Used to be a time (I think) when our culture moved a bit more slowly on the downside of anything. Today, it seems, given the hyper-drive speed at which we move (or think we should move), we’ve entered an era in which Meltdowns are the order of the day. Consider the woman whose name it […]

A man who loves newspapers

Just came across this vid, which for some reason popped up after I played part 1 of my interview with TSMC Founding Chairman Morris Chang. It says a lot and is amusing too!

Yah think??

Interesting article in New York magazine about video done by publications, “You Must Be Streaming.”In a shameless show of self-congratulatory back-patting, I’ll note that I’ve thought this for some time. In terms of hard-core journalism, it’s much better to bring the ethos of a text reporter to video than it is for television to adapt […]

The buzz about Buzzlogic

So my new favorite phrase is mind-bending. I’ll use it in a cheap and tawdry way here. I was invited by my pal Anna Leonard at Blanc and Otus to come across the street and yak it up with two gentlemen from Buzzlogic. Roughly speaking, they do web analytics. Professionally, it has relevance a bit […]

Joel Stein, L.A. Times columnist, nailed it. Tip of the hat to Jeff at McBru for the link!

The incredible shrinking newspaper-part 96

Steven Rattner opines in the Wall Street Journal today on our favorite topic, the demise of print, and in particular, daily newspapers. The trend is clear; the graphic stark. We know the numbers, if not by heart then by gut. Overall readership in tailspin; young readers read newspapers at only half the rate they did […]

Citizen Media, part 23

Poynter’s Peter Zollman posts on the KFTY-television “citizen journalism” nonsense… The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat doesn’t appear to have much direct reaction today to Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle piece, but Pete Golis weighed in Sunday with a new column. His closing line says it all: “In fact, we don’t have a choice. We will either accept […]

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