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Kate and Gannett, a bizarre, tenuous connection

Oooh, way too long a break from The Ghost. The previous post came the day I high-tailed it for Munich at the biennial electronica trade show for a week. Then it was Thanksgiving, and the idea of pondering media’s future gave way to sleep and brined turkey.What struck me about Germany (and I’m a knucklehead […]

Web 2.0

Enough with the Tribune postings for a while. It gets tiring reading about people gnawing on their own extremities.My colleage at EE Times, Stuart Bowen, has gotten on the Blog Bus with a new site. He reports from this week’s Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Cool stuff.

Tribune Co. gets a bid

A couple of Southland players who popped up earlier in talks about acquiring the Tribune Co. have joined hands in an acquisition bid.

Tribune Co. and the L.A. Times: The other shoe drops on Baquet

Dean Baquet, the editor of the L.A. Times, whose boss, Jeff Johnson was forced out recently after he refused to cut more editorial staff, is out. The Wall Street Journal has the scoop.

The crisis is here

Eric Alterman, writing in The Nation, tells us what we know already in a posting recently. The mainstream media is in crisis, no doubt. At a well-attended recent conference in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, the gloom in the room was painfully palpable. The […]

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