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Newspaper circulation drops (again)

In a sense it would be news if the circ numbers went up, but alas, they ain’t. A lot of these papers are publicly owned and therefore the pressure to cut costs to bolster operating margins is intense. That doesn’t however, explain New York’s Post and Daily News, no newbies to circ wars, which posted […]

Tribune Love

Makes a whole lotta sense, but it’s like dating your weird sister or brother.

The other shoe drops

MediaNews Group earlier this year acquired the San Jose Mercury News and the Contra Costa Times, two big S.F. Bay Area papers. MediaNews has a reputation as a (pick you description) (a) tight-fisted or (b) fiscally smart publisher. Now they’re paring news staffs at both papers. They still could be too big, particularly if the […]

Second Life and Reuters

The most mind-blowing thing: Reuters sets up a bureau in the Second Life VR world! There’s virtual building, avatars, virtual currency and Reuters is now following it all, or at least real life reporter Adam Pasick, who functions as Adam Reuters in the virtual world. There’s also a melding of real and virtual news on […]

News review and the Grocer Analogy

I’ve been knee-deep in a months-long reorganization and suffering from attention deficit on this blog. Internally, we’ve gotten leaner and meaner and more unified as a media team; externally the media world has not collapsed. Indeed, a columnist from the island of Mindanao in the Phillippines asserts there’s no need to panic. Dean Baquet is […]

Greenhouse gas

A lot of hyperbloggeratin’ about New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse’s gassing at a Harvard event about the government’s heavy-handed approach toward changes in law and policy–something not too many people would disagree with. The disagreeable part, at least in the eyes of The Times is that she spoke her mind.If she broke […]

Johnson out at L.A. Times

Of course you could see this coming a mile away, but the real question is what happens to Editor Dean Basquet, who also went to the ramparts on staff cuts… LOS ANGELES Oct 5, 2006 (AP)— Los Angeles Times Publisher Jeffrey M. Johnson was forced out Thursday, a month after he defied the conglomerate’s demands […]

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