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Ad spending slowdown

Posted on | September 20, 2006 | No Comments

It could be just an issue with North American automotive manufacturers who are getting hammered right now and cutting back their ad spending, but Yahoo’s feeling the pinch. The Wall Street Journal pointed out too that there are likely bumps in the road as more and more ad dollars move on line. But then again, the jury’s still out about the utility of online ads. If the click throughs don’t climb, they’re going to get yanked pretty quickly. But I think creativity will flood the market and online advertising will be totally different and far more entertaining in a couple of years than it is now.
The big question remaining is whether the Yahoos of the world will find themselves on the sidelines. Hey if you’ve got search and you’re a known brand (Coke, Ford) your need to spend on sites outside your own is pretty diminished, isn’t it?
Great perspective too from Search Engine Watch.
It won’t be sorted out for a while, so for now victory goes to the fleet afoot.

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