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The death of newspapers-part 2

Posted on | September 11, 2006 | No Comments

Something occurred to me as a read a recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle about how naturalists had found a new world’s tallest tree. What occured to me sometimes we just don’t know diddly squat. California is a finite space and yet in all the years of logging and protesters living in trees to protect them from being cut down, no one ever knew this tree existed. And it’s been there for hundreds of years.
That’s encouraging in a way as picked up this post today on a new mass market print publication, targeted in Austria. Who’da thunk it? Wolfgang Fellner is reputedly Austria’s most successful publisher so either he’s tilting at windmills or he’ll be on everyone’s morning talk show in the coming months for his brilliance and genius.
We obviously think print’s got a long life ahead of it as we (shameless plug here) launched our European edition of EE Times last week. It’s a fortnightly whose mission is to bring the world of electronics to European engineers (where the website’s mission is to bring European electronics news to the world.

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