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The staying power of the professional B.S. filter

Maybe you’d expect a big-media guy to say this, but I buy into it… I was across the Charles River in Back Bay when he spoke; shudda been there myself, but I’m a punk.

Media chaos

Jon Friedman of Marketwatch weighs in on the chaos.

Trials and Tribune-ations at the Tribune Co.

I must have been channeling Mark Fitzgerald earlier this week (or vice versa) as we have similar takes on the Tribune debacle. Synergy ain’t necessarily so.

Tribune ponders future; Times hangs in the balance

So tonight, the board of directors of the Tribune Co. announced a plan to figure out their future. (A look at their press release). What took ’em so long? The publishing business in general has been in a freefall as has the broadcast media business, and the Tribuners are deep into both. In addition, they’ve […]

Ad spending slowdown

It could be just an issue with North American automotive manufacturers who are getting hammered right now and cutting back their ad spending, but Yahoo’s feeling the pinch. The Wall Street Journal pointed out too that there are likely bumps in the road as more and more ad dollars move on line. But then again, […]

The death of newspapers-part 2

Something occurred to me as a read a recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle about how naturalists had found a new world’s tallest tree. What occured to me sometimes we just don’t know diddly squat. California is a finite space and yet in all the years of logging and protesters living in trees to […]

What is news?

News ain’t what it used to be. With the proliferation of free publishing tools and a potential worldwide audience at your fingertips thanks to your ISP, you too can be a reporter/editor/publisher. This is a good thing, but the Internet and its habits (surprise!) have changed the way news is defined. In an earlier post […]

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