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Kids these days

A quickie for Monday as it was a late Sunday night in Napa at Michael and Kathryn Havens’ place for dinner (no media yakking, just loads of vino and pizza from his outdoor brick oven) and then an early morning wakeup call for a trip to Austin.But a quick scan comes up with an interesting […]

Where’s our cut?

Promising indeed.

Prevailing Wisdom-peh!

I had an opportunity today to get out and about in the Silicon Valley, first as a panelist at a marketing event and later as a presenter at a big PR agency. I enjoy these gigs because sometimes I like to hear the sound of my own voice (as my father used to say) but […]

Old school meets new school

Nicholas Lemann, writing in the New Yorker, hands out a brown paper bag to those hyperventilating over Internet journalism. You could argue (and I’m sure some will) that anything written by someone paid by an old-line publishing house is suspect on its face. But his is not a polemic against the tide and fairly points […]

Back in the saddle

Too long a hiatus on the old blog-o-sphere… Vacation, good. Returning from vacation to one of our biggest trade shows of the year, chaotic. Then returning to office amid minute by minute evolution of the publishing biz chaotic x 2. Since we last spoke, the Journal is going with jewel-box ads on page 1. Unusual […]

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