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Hold yer horses

Posted on | August 18, 2006 | No Comments

Just when you thought that creepy little Jon Benet Ramsey case was dead forever, back it comes and from Thailand no less!
My point is not to dwell on that story per se. What made it a great case was the creepiness of the little girl and how metaphoric that little pageant crap is to modern-day America (another post for another blog).
But we now have another media frenzy feeding off the arrest of John Mark Karr, who could be the guy or could be some completely demented soul. It’s a pick ’em as the bookies say. What is galling is how media doesn’t really learn its lesson. The same people who tried and convicted the Ramseys in abstentia, immediately convicted this guy and then heard little voices in their heads and pulled back. Al Tomkins at Poynter offers a refreshing gut check. Poynter also posts a cautionary column on the topic as well: journalists proceed with caution.

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