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Back in the saddle

Posted on | August 1, 2006 | 1 Comment

Too long a hiatus on the old blog-o-sphere… Vacation, good. Returning from vacation to one of our biggest trade shows of the year, chaotic. Then returning to office amid minute by minute evolution of the publishing biz chaotic x 2.
Since we last spoke, the Journal is going with jewel-box ads on page 1. Unusual for them; not so for the New York Times and a lot of British pubs who’ve had them for years. Also unusual in that the Journal (which with the Times is going on a diet) doesn’t strike me as a publication that people glance at the front page and toss it if nothing appeals to them. Editors at Dow Jones have thoughtfully and creatively evolved that newspaper over the past three decades. Friday’s special section was a brilliant move for a business paper and now the Weekend Journal captures a bit more revenue on a 6th day. The Journal is one of those papers in which you know that somewhere in its folds, there will be at least one story that blows you away and makes the buck worth it.
But these are strange times in our business.
Jeff from McLenahan Bruer weighed in with a spot-on comment. In short, it’s a reprise of another “Mc”… Marshall McLuhan… the medium is the message. It’s not about what you toss up there; it’s about how you toss it up there (and, I’ll add, how you dance with your audience).
Most old-line operations, be they media or corporations, still look at the web two-dimensionally–a place to put information. That’s just the starting point. Everything after that is hard work, really, really hard work but it’ll pay off.
BTW, yeah, I went fishin’ but mostly in the middle of the day when nothing’s biting (hey, it’s vacation and I’m loathe to get up at 5:30 to be the early worm). My last day, I DID muster out on the water at 6:15 and ended up catching a Squaw Fish (blech). Not good eats, but one predator outta the local food chain.

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