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The death of newspapers

There’s a lot to chew on regarding this week’s Economist cover story “Who Killed the newspaper?” I have a number of comments to make, but it’ll wait until tomorrow at the earliest as my day job awaits. I pulled this quote from the leader, which is something really worth pondering: In future, as newspapers fade […]

Chi-Town Update

Geoff Dougherty, editor of one of the country’s leading citizen journalism sites, the Chi-Town Daily News, is making good on something he told me earlier this summer: a network of neighborhood reporters. He’s already got a robust photo feature displayed off the home page every day, like the photo rendered here. But the neighborhood reporting […]

Computerized reporting, part 2

Internally, there’s a little hub-bub over the FT story mentioned in yesterday’s post. Our man in the Silicon Valley wrote to say To me, it’s a disturbing trend. Why hire more journalists when you can save costs and let HAL do it. Computers can’t read between the lines — yet. But one can read the […]

Computerized reporting

Predictable, surely. The Financial Times reported recently that computers are beginning to churn out the news.

Why they’re different audiences

Sarah Ellison reports in today’s Wall Street Journal about how print magazines are trying to figure out how to place what where. At Newsweek, driving readers from the magazine to the Web site often takes the form of polls and contests, says Greg Osberg, Newsweek’s world-wide publisher. Such efforts are sold to advertisers as a […]

Hold yer horses

Just when you thought that creepy little Jon Benet Ramsey case was dead forever, back it comes and from Thailand no less!My point is not to dwell on that story per se. What made it a great case was the creepiness of the little girl and how metaphoric that little pageant crap is to modern-day […]

Jury duty

I was impaneled on a jury this week so my schedule’s gone to hell in a handbasket. I’m on lunch break and came across another interesting post from Jeff Jarvis.

Lemann’s "revenge" (?)

Well, not really revenge so much as staying in tune with one’s public philsophy… Nicholas Lemann, who penned a pretty pungent critique of citizen journalism in the New Yorker, is back in the news already. His critique in the New Yorker didn’t entirely dismiss grass roots reporting which is sprouting thanks to the Internet but […]

What we’re reading

The Pew Research Center is out with a great study of reader habits. Of note: Just 4% of Americans say they regularly read online blogs where people discuss news events, but that figure increases to 9% of those ages 18-24. About the same numbers of Republicans, Democrats and independents read news blogs regularly. Consider yourself […]


The traffic on this story today must be as astronomical as the statistics it covers. 50 million blogs. 18 posts a second. That’s one of many take-aways from the latest Technorati blogosphere survey. The key slide is the one that shows how integral “old media” is to the blogosphere at least at the moment. Everyone […]

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