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Dead skin

Posted on | July 5, 2006 | No Comments

Mark Morford goes long today on our fav subject and has checked in with Jack Shafer’s take at Slate.

Morford’s is a great take particularly because he’s a glib, smart writer in a old school publication, the San Francisco Chronicle. Hey, you don’t know what you don’t know and he’s there to offer it. After you check out his take (excerpted below), you can read his archived columns.

Like anyone who works in or around or underneath an ink ‘n’ grit newspaper these days, I get asked this all the time: Is the newspaper dead? Aren’t all the nation’s print rags suffering a horrible hemorrhaging of money and readership and cred? How much longer can dead-tree news possibly last in the age of blogs and cell phones and ADD media? Why are you naked? Does this look overly tumescent to you? And so on.

And the answer to most of those questions is, of course, yes. And no. And sort of. And maybe you should quit touching that.

Here’s the full piece.

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