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Gone fishin’

Corporate publishing

In our business-to-business publishing world, there’s an big shift in where marketing strategies. It is and it isn’t surprising. It isn’t surprising in that the web as a medium for communications is very well established but at the same time has enormous upside. It is surprising in that it’s taken our world a while to […]

Hear Ye…and Tell Me!

The University of South Carolina (I have to admit when a UCLA guy sees USC in any form, it makes my skin crawl, but I’ll let it slide) has a really fine newsletter on convergence. You can quibble with the title, but that’s not the point. Today’s is particularly interesting in that the contributors–frontline reporters, […]

Dead skin

Mark Morford goes long today on our fav subject and has checked in with Jack Shafer’s take at Slate. Morford’s is a great take particularly because he’s a glib, smart writer in a old school publication, the San Francisco Chronicle. Hey, you don’t know what you don’t know and he’s there to offer it. After […]

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