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The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper

We’re all thinking about it… is it just a life-support move? Is it death by a thousand cuts? Newspapers are dying, but the news is thriving.By Jack ShaferPosted Saturday, June 24, 2006, at 8:13 AM ET That high-pitched squealing you hear in the background is the sound of the American newspaper shrinking.The Washington Post, the […]

Ridder’s bookend

It’s perhaps fitting that the end of the Ridder family’s involvement in publishing is probably capping an era in journalism. Tony Ridder broke down Monday when shareholders approved his company’s sale to to McClatchy Co. I’d break down too in that situation. But it’s symbolic on one key level. Ridder’s grandfather, Herman, started the company […]

Murdoch and the Crusaders

In an otherwise basic overview of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, a recent Guardian article had this nugget: Myspace cost $600m (£320m), but executives believe it is now worth around $3bn, and (News Corp. internet division head Jeremy) Philips has been asked to apply the lessons learned from the teenage networking site across the group. That […]

Not so dumb after all

My colleague, EE Times News Editor Junko Yoshida, made my Friday by pointing out a piece in the May issue of the Atlantic Monthly. Wrote she:Apparently the only NFL player to score a perfect 50 on the Wonderlic test was punter and Harvard alumnus Pat McInally in 1975. The average score for NFL draftees over […]


Rick Edmonds at the Poynter Institute has a great essay/overview on the future of news. It’s part of a broader coverage of a conference Poynter held on the topic with leading editors from across the country. I’ve just begun diving into this coverage at the Poynter site but Edmonds‘ opener is rich with insight, some […]


Somehow the Big Bluers manage to make silk purses out of sow’s ears when it comes to silicon announcements, at least within the national media. Sure publications like ours are wired into IBM, and they’re keenly interested in our coverage of new processors and especially bleeding-edge semiconductor processes. But when it comes to truly propeller-head […]

More pimping for the Journal

Today’s Wall Street Journal (6/19/06) has a technology special section that pulls from the paper’s “D: All Things Digital” event. There’s a free Journal podcast that gives you a sense of where they’re going on this. Check it out if you have a WSJ online account. Gates is there (broadcast networks are dead). Bob Iger […]

The Tyranny of Structure

The disaggregation of the media business quickens astonishingly. It’s one thing to blog and create a community around your ideas and writings or podcasts. It quite another to create your own publishing outlet–with staff and all. Yet from one flows the next. Take Chi-Town Daily News. This is a seven-month-old site by and for Chicago […]

In the sunshine

Today’s Wall Street Journal (6/16/06) has a fine piece from Dan Henninger on the editorial page (Wonderland) on print versus web, our constant debate these days. He references a speech John Updike delivered at BookExpo in New York City in early June. Updike is as mellifluous a speaker as he is a writer, presumably in […]

Bloggers are an angry bunch

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